December – Visit Meteora

These awe-inspiring huge sandstone pillars rise to the skies in the Greek region of Thessaly. Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where centuries of history and spiritual culture meet the extraordinary works of nature. Choose the area for a trip in December and enjoy a special Christmas experience. Out of the original thirty monasteries, today there are six communities open to visitors. At the foot of Meteora Rocks, Kalabaka town is a tourist hub, the perfect place to start your hiking or climbing trips. Enjoy mountain biking, rafting, horse riding and visit the nearby skiing destinations, Elati and Pertouli. Discover Aspropotamos mountainous area, and Acheloos River running through it; visit traditional villages such as Neraidochori, Pyli, Agia Paraskevi, Milia, Katafyto and more. Last but not least, take the family to Trikala town for Christmas and visit the Mill of the Elves, a Christmas amusement park full of surprises for your little ones.